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Parkstone Property Management

What sets us apart? There are several things that sets Parkstone Management apart from other So. Cal Property Management companies. One is that we are a boutique firm where tenants and property owners have our cell phone numbers. We are a mid-size company where we ensure we know what is happening at every property at any given time.

Large institutional property management companies have their place where property owners and tenants call into call centers and speak with a representative who doesn't have intimate knowledge of their property, budget, work orders or strategies but where they can always get someone at any day or time on the line. But that someone is a person who looks up data entered into a system and provides a response.

We were almost inclined to include a photo of a holiday card from a client outlining what a positive impact Parkstone has had on their family's financial situation over the years. Or a photo of an associate playing with a client's child at a property. Or an anecdote where one of our managers skipped morning routine with their children to ensure they were at an 8am court hearing to dispute a property tax reassessment on a client's building without prompt or request from said client because the manager realized the city was miscalculating the taxes. This is what we do. Our clients stay with us for decades for these reasons and more.

We are not just a property management company focused on obligations. We want our tenants and our landlords to thrive. In order to do so we strategize with property owners to develop short and long term investment goals and execute actions to achieve said goals. We also advise our owners when we recommend working with tenants to develop payment plans or explain illnesses or other life issues occurring so we can retain good tenants during difficult situations rather than making black and white decisions.

Is an owner looking to dispose of a property (through us of course)? Then we budget to ensure the property is in marketable condition and leased up and go to market. Is an owner hoping to redevelop a property in the next five years? If so we consider what repair items we can defer to maximize our ROI and hold on to cash. Is an owner looking for a long term holding? Then we properly maintain their asset, ensure tenants are paying rent, are stable and happy and liability exposure is minimized.

We have customized management teams from San Diego to Los Angeles to Ventura and beyond ready to help with your goals.


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